Here at Castle, we cover every aspect of short term and short stay rentals & holiday lets to anticipate guest needs and provide you with a professional and hassle free service.

We can support all your listings on the key advertising platform – Airbnb! We manage successful short term letting properties in Glasgow and Renfrewshire and, depending on the specific location of your property, we may be able to help you unlock the maximum amount of rental value possible for your rental. There is no more work on your end, at Castle, we can provide a comprehensive service so that you can sit back and reap the true rental potential of your property.

Short Term Lets and Holiday Lets in Glasgow


We help create & enhance your listings whilst optimising the pricing to maximise returns & occupancy rates. We also optimise the property calendar to take advantage of local events, holidays and busy periods. Our attractive photograph service, and well written descriptions, help to attract guests to enjoy your property and its surrounding location to the fullest.


Guests can book with us 24/7 and wherever possible we endeavour to respond to them lightning fast in order to increase bookings & help with reviews.


We’re careful to do whatever we can to screen potential guests for suitability, we’d sooner avoid hassle at the outset rather than putting your property at risk.


All guests are different, some like the no hassle self-check-in process we can provide. Others enjoy our warm welcome where we explain your appliances, provide keys and give out some local information. Either way, our company welcome pack will greet all guests with the all relevant information.

Short Stay Lets and Holiday Lets in Paisley, Renfrewshire

Short Stay and Holiday Lets


At all times of the day and night, we answer guest questions, assist with any maintenance, help if guests lose keys and progress any essential or emergency repairs.


Your bedding will be turned over, washed and pressed after each guest stay. Your property will be suitably cleaned in between each guest also, making sure that our reviews for cleanliness remain high.


We can replenish essentials such as soap, shampoo, washing powder etc. to make sure incoming guests have everything they need.


At the end of each stay, we inspect the property and manage any issues with guests.

Short Term Lets

We are one of the very first, and very few agents in and around Glasgow who can offer this fully comprehensive service whilst delivering on such a high level. This is the service you need to unlock the true value of your rental property. If you think your property is ready to beat out all others, and is simply too good to be allowed to be enjoyed by one set of tenants, then short term lettings could be for you.

Contact us now for more details on our bespoke Short Term Letting service.