Current Tenant

Emergency Contact Information

If you smell gas please call National Gas Emergency Number immediately on 0800 111 999.
If you require emergency services assistance (police, ambulance, fire brigade) please call 999.
If you require the services of an emergency gas engineer, please call 07766 881 014 or 07591 526 139.
If you require the services of a plumber, locksmith, electrician or joiner, call 07968 237 197.

We understand that there may be a requirement for an out-of-hours call out. However, should any of our given out-of-hours contact numbers be misused, as deemed by Castle Residential, then the liability of cost may be transferred to the tenant.

Information for Tenants

It is important that Tenants are fully aware of the letting procedure and understand the terms of the Tenancy. This page contains information for current tenants relating to the process after a tenancy has been secured with Castle Residential Letting Agents.

Rent is payable by Standing Order from your bank account on the 1st of each month. You will be supplied with a Standing Order Mandate by our office which you should complete and send to your own bank as soon as possible. This method of rent payment ensures regular, on-time payments and protects you against a potential bad payment history. Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that the standing order is cancelled with your bank at the end of the tenancy.

Bank Details:

  • Castle Residential
  • Sortcode – 80 07 24
  • Account Number – 10227566

Please attach the property address as a reference to any payment that is made.

Castle Residential Letting Agents will notify the relevant Utility companies and Council Authority of the tenancy; thereafter Tenants are responsible for payment of gas, electricity, council tax and water charges and TV Licences (if applicable). Please note that certain categories of persons may be awarded Council Tax Discounts, Reductions and Exemptions. To find out whether you qualify please contact the relevant Authorities Council Tax Department. If you wish to connect the telephone then you will be responsible for any charges applied.

We conduct regular condition inspections of all tenanted accommodation. The purpose of the visit is to ensure that there are no maintenance issues that need attention and also to check that you are fulfilling the obligations of the lease and are maintaining the property to a satisfactory standard. Each visit will normally take less than 15 minutes, and we will contact you beforehand giving you notice of the intended date and time of the visit.

If a fault becomes apparent at the property, you must inform us immediately. Failure to do so may mean that you are held responsible for any further deterioration as a result of the delay. Once we have been informed of a fault we will contact the landlord and act upon their instructions. Small ongoing maintenance of the property e.g. replacing light bulbs are the tenant’s responsibility.

When any detectors are fitted in the property, under the terms of your agreement, you are obliged to ensure they are checked regularly and are in good working order. This is for your own safety. We recommend a daily check; however, they must be checked at least once a week.

If you are tenanting an HMO Licensed you are required to record all tests and any faults or defects in the log book provided. If you become aware of a fault you must notify us immediately.

We understand that you need to feel happy and comfortable in your home. Should you wish to re-decorate and personalise the property, please submit a request to our office detailing the changes you would like to make and we will endeavour to inform you of the decision within 7 days. Please do not carry out any re-decoration of the property without written authorisation as this may result in you being held liable for any costs incurred by the landlord to restore the property to the original condition.

If your property has a garden it is your responsibility to ensure the lawns are cut regularly and the borders are kept weed-free. In addition, the gardens must be kept tidy and free from refuse.

The landlord is responsible for insuring the building . Tenants are responsible for arranging contents insurance for their personal possessions. Neither the landlord nor Castle Residential will accept any responsibility for loss or damage to your possessions whilst occupying the property.

Should you not already have an existing policy, we will be happy to provide you with a quote.

If you are going to be away from the property for more than 7 days at any one time you must inform us. This is so we can ensure the property is looked after in your absence and deal with any problems that may arise on your behalf. If you are away for a period of 3 days or more during cold weather, please ensure the heating system is set on a timer, to avoid frozen/burst pipes.

You must vacate the property on the agreed date (usually agreed after the tenancy date noted on your lease as our contracts are “rolling”). Please note that our leases state that 2 months written notice will be required when planning to vacate a property.

ie. If you have signed a 12 month lease you will be required to give us 2 months notice at month 10 should you wish to leave at the end of the 12 month tenancy.

We will carry out the final check-out inspection to ensure that the move out process is a smooth and simple procedure. The next step is then to approach Safe Deposit Scotland in order to have your deposit refunded direct to your bank account.

Your deposit will be held by Safe Deposits Scotland in a Tenancy Deposit Scheme during your tenancy and is refundable after vacating the property providing that:

  • Your rent is paid up to date.
  • All utility bills relating to the tenancy have been paid (proof provided to us).
  • The property has been well maintained.
  • Any other lease obligations have been met

Under no circumstances can the deposit be used as payment for the last month’s rent.